The Value of School Theatre

"Arts Education is essential for building innovative thinkers, who will be our nation's leaders of tomorrow" -Michelle Obama


At West Works Theatre, we recognize the value of arts education, specifically theatre education, in our local schools. Many of these local departments and programs have experienced financial strain due to COVID-19.


In response to this need, West Works Theatre is partnering with the Alpine Foundation to raise money for each Eagle Mountain School theatre program within the Alpine School District, as well as schools with theatre programs in Saratoga Springs within the Alpine School District that have a high volume of Eagle Mountain students. In addition to the Alpine School District schools, West Works Theatre will also donate to each local charter school that has a theatre program. 

We have a generous anonymous donor willing to match our donations up to $3,000. If we can double this by raising 3,000, that is a potential 6,000 divided equally among the aforementioned schools.


We invite you to support those who nurture our budding performers in our schools with a donation!

Beneficiary Schools:

Cedar Valley High School

Westlake High school

Rockwell Charter High School

Frontier Middle School

Vista Heights Middle School

Lakeview Academy

Hidden Hollow Elementary

Pony Express Elementary

Mountain Trails Elementary

Eagle Valley Elementary

Black Ridge Elementary

thank you!

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