Bring back the rainbow

Last year the world shut down, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. We at West Works Theatre watched (from our quarantined homes) as museums, parks, and performing arts centers closed their doors. And the schools. Like so many, we felt adrift, unable to effectively do the one thing our Company exists to do: Create. And we looked around at the countless others who were floundering in the same dilemma; adults everywhere cut off from their creative outlets. And the children: cut off from school, from sports, from dance classes and plays and parks and friends. We understand the emptiness that can come from being deprived of our creative avenues, unable to express ourselves artistically; from feeling limited, less. We wanted to find a way to teach children that it is in those moments--the moments of our greatest obstacles and setbacks, that we need to create! That there are always ways to express ourselves, and there are always friends who will see, and listen, and appreciate us. That when we express ourselves, in our own creative ways, we can change the world. 


Thanks to a generous grant from the Utah Cares Foundation, and the incredible talents of illustrator Jess Wallace, we were able to create the story of Rafe the Rainbow: Our bite-sized Everyman who uses his own creative expression to brighten his neighborhood. We hope children everywhere will be encouraged by Rafe’s story, and will go out and light up their own little corners of the world.